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School Closure:

  • All Schools are closed until April 24, 2020. 

    Students and Families: Please refer to our district site for latest information, resources and updates relating to COVID-19.

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  • Athletics: (425) 366-5470

    Attendance: (425) 366-5460

    Attendance Email: KAattendance@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Bookkeeper: (425) 366-5427

    Counseling: (425) 366-5446

    Counseling FAX: (425) 366-5404

    Main Office: (425) 366-5400

    Main Office FAX: (425) 366-5402

    Nurse: (425) 366-5409


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  • The Mukilteo School District serves a diverse population of approximately 14,000 students who live near the Puget Sound, located about 15 miles north of Seattle, Washington.

    Our mission is to help prepare our community's children to be successful, contributing workers, learners, and citizens. Our students learn in an environment that is positive, caring, and focused on their highest academic potential. And, it's working. Mukilteo students consistently score well in annual achievement tests and win academic honors. Many people have moved to the area because of the first-rate Mukilteo school system.

  • Update from the Principal's Office


    Dear Kamiak Students and Families,

    First and foremost, we hope you are keeping safe and out of harm's way as we continue to face this unprecedented pandemic.  We can all agree that the current situation is something very few of us have ever encountered and is truly a once in a lifetime event, challenging ourselves in every way.  To that end, I want to express sincere appreciation for your patience and support as we continue to navigate our way through this crisis. 

    Our message today is to reiterate the communication shared by our district and the state regarding learning opportunities during the school closure. Last Friday, we received further guidelines for the next several weeks that we are expected to follow. The communication outlined the plan in four phases. 

    Phase one, which was during the first week of closure through March 20, 2020, included our work centered on providing meals for students, providing childcare, assessing Graduation requirements, and communicating with families.

    Phase two, which is now through spring break (April 10, 2020), is divided into two segments. In segment one (Week of 3/23 through 3/27), our school was expected to update QMLATIV grade book with all work completed through March 12, 2020.  Teachers with 12th-grade students are working hard to make sure the students are caught up and on track for graduation.  The AP and College in the High School teachers are working with the College Board and local community colleges to clarify expectations during the closure.

    In segment two (Week of 3/30 through 4/3), our school is expected to continue implementing plans for credit deficient high school seniors and dual credit classes.  Teachers are updating websites/online learning platforms as needed and participating in professional development.  The teachers also are collaborating and planning with colleagues on what distance learning looks like in their classes and departments.  This week, many will begin piloting distance learning lessons with students with a focus on helping students access materials, troubleshooting and documenting difficulties, and sharing successes with colleagues.  Note that our district’s working definition of distance learning "means delivering course content using the tools and resources accessible to each student. Delivery of instruction may include printed learning materials, phone contact, email, technology-based virtual instruction, or a combination, in order to meet diverse student needs."

    Phase three is defined as the period between spring break through April 27, 2020.  Schools will focus on getting students ready to start learning on April 27 by continuing to pilot, collaborate, and/or learn how distance learning can be applied. Some teachers may continue to experiment with learning platforms.  During this learning period, the district will work with schools and families on troubleshooting any technological or logistical problems.

    Finally, in phase four (return to learning after April 27, 2020), we will continually monitor and respond to the needs of our community as the crisis unfolds. Additionally, we will use what we learn from the first three phases of our work, along with further guidance from state and federal agencies, to inform our plans for returning to school on 4/27

    The phases mention above is our current "blueprint" for getting us through the opening of school on April 27, 2020. These plans may change with existing conditions, and we will do our best to keep you informed.  Because the flow of accurate information is critical in these complex situations, we ask in advance for your patience on the speed of information.  Most information is highly centralized and vetted with many constituents before they are shared.  You will receive guidance from our district first and then from the building if needed.  As we have been asking all our staff, we are also asking students and parents for their patience and understanding through these difficult situations.

    Thank you


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