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  • Happy Thursday everyone!!! You are receiving our weekly school blurb today instead of Friday because TOMORROW IS NO SCHOOL.  This is a waiver day for staff in the Mukilteo School District to participate in professional development. 



    Help us celebrate Veterans Day by letting us know if your family has a close connection with or is related to anyone who is currently or has previously served in the military.  If you have someone you would like to recognize please email the information below to Mr. Oxner at oxnerrj@mukilteo.wednet.edu.  If you have a picture, we would love that as well!!

    • Student’(s’) Name
    • Teacher’s Name
    • Veteran’s Name
    • Currently Serving or Years Served
    • Branch of Military
    • Relationship to Student

    Note: if you have previously submitted a photo/information, we will plan on using it again in our Veterans Day Celebration video that will go out on Friday, November 6. This year’s video will be shared with all families via Blackboard, Dojo and our website.  If you do not want this with all families, please let Mr. Oxner know.



    There is still time to register to vote! Oct. 26 is the last date to register to vote online or by mail. If you’ve moved, changed your last name, or just arrived in the county, make sure you update your registration. You can check your voter registration status on Snohomish County’s website.  If you are already registered, or once you get registered…don’t forget to VOTE!!!




    Mukilteo School District App is now available for download on Google Play or I-phone app store.  The app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and Odyssey!!! Get the news and information that you care about and get involved.  Anyone can:  View District and school news, use the district tip line, receive notifications from the district and schools, access the district directory and display information personalized to your interests.   



    The School District released a Windows Update yesterday (10/20/2020). It is very important that you get these installed on your student’s school computer to keep it protected by our district firewall.
    For all students that have a district laptop at home please follow the steps below for the next 3 nights.

    1. Make sure your computer is plugged into power
    2. Make sure your computer is Connect to Wi-Fi and placed near your Internet router.
    3. Last, restart the computer at the end of the day and leave it on the login screen overnight.

    It is good practice to restart your computer every day or shut it down every night (except for the next 3 nights because of updates). Shutting down your computer and restarting your computer regularly will often solve and prevent many common tech issues.


    Don’t forget to check out PTA’s NEW webpage for updates on the pumpkin and candy corn contests!!!! https://odysseypta.memberplanet.com



    Rebecca Oren

    Principal, Odyssey Elementary

    WHY/Vision: Achieve our potential to become contributing citizens and lifelong learners.

    How/Mission: Build Relationships, Use Resources, Embrace Rigor, Get Results

    *This email may contain confidential information any disclosure or distribution of its contents is prohibited.  If you have received this in error please delete without printing, copying, or forwarding.

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