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    Thank you to all of the families and students who were able to participate in conferences last week. We loved getting to connect with you and share the progress your child is making academically and socially. One of the new things this year at Odyssey that many parents learned about during conferences is our daily ‘What I Need Time’ or WIN Time. WIN Time occurs daily to support students where they are at in their learning for reading/writing and math in addition to core instruction. If you still have questions on how to support your child at home, please follow up directly with their teacher. We love to partner with families to help all our students achieve their potential!!!

    Over conferences our staff made our school a winter wonderland to celebrate the season. We call it ‘Odyssey Snowed In’. Throughout our school snowflakes and snow themed art cover the walls, and hang from the ceiling. This was a true school community effort, where staff and students all contributed. It was so much fun to have all of our students come back to school this week and see the ah and excitement on their faces for a new trimester of learning!

    I know several of our students are still getting used to coming to school after a week off. We have seen this, in our unusually high number of students that are either arriving to school very early or very late. In addition to late pick ups. As a reminder below is the schedule for morning arrival and end of day. Thanks for helping make sure you child is on time for school, but not too early so we know they are supervised by staff and safe.
    8:30 – Bus Riders Start to Arrive, and
    Crossing Guards are at Cross Walks
    8:40 – Parent Loop Opens for Drop Off
    8:55 – First Bell Rings, Students Dismissed to Class and
    Crossing Guards Return to School
    9:00 – Tardy Bell Rings, School Begins
    3:25 – Monday to Thursday School Day Ends
    3:40 - Parent Pick Up is Completed
    2:10 – Friday School Day Ends
    4:00 – Office Closes

    If your child arrives by car please remember at parent drop-off and pick-up to always pull forward all the way and stay close to the curb on the right. This allows for through traffic (including buses at the end of the day) to pass easily.





    Rebecca Oren

    Principal, Odyssey Elementary

    WHY/Vision: Achieve our potential to become contributing citizens and lifelong learners.

    How/Mission: Build Relationships, Use Resources, Embrace Rigor, Get Results

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