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  • We are SO excited to be back at school!  Our big focus at this time of year is building relationships and safety.  Students are going on regular tours of the school to familiarize themselves with the various locations they will go to throughout a week.  When children are familiar and comfortable in their environment we are able to increase their sense of safety and build lasting positive relationships.  It is our goal to build a positive relationship with all of our students, and you their family!



    Our arrival and dismissals are getting faster every day.  During parent drop off please remember that our loop does not open until 8:40 AM.  This is because it allows 10 minutes between the bus drop off and parent drop off so staff can support students with maintaining health and safety expectations, in addition to supporting the breakfast room where all students eat.  Lunches are one grade at a time, but for arrival it is all grades at once and there is only so much space. 

    If you are dropping your child off please do not come prior to 8:40 AM.  Traffic backs up on the street making it difficult for buses to get out and start their next route, and impedes cross walks if it backs up further.  Every day this week we have dismissed the parent loop prior to the tardy bell at 9:00 AM.  Twenty minutes is plenty of time for staff to unload vehicles at the end of the loop, so please do not come before 8:40 AM.



    Pick Up – For your child’s safety we prefer to have students enter their vehicle on the passenger side.  This way students and staff do not need to step into traffic.  If your child rides in a car seat or if you need to help them get buckled in, please have the car seat on the passenger side and pull to the front so we don’t block traffic as you secure your child.  We want to be safe but keep our traffic moving.


    Also thank to all families that are not walking on campus during dismissal, we appreciate you following the rules! If you want to walk to pick up your child, then they should be in our walking lines.  You can call our front office at 425-366-3200 to make this change from parent pick up to walker an hour or more before the student dismissal.  Calls for changes in dismissal that happen less than an hour before dismissal is difficult to ensure all staff and your child(ren) are aware of the change. 


    Walkers - For those families that are picking up your child in the walking line please use the cross walks.  Our crossing guards will meet you there and cross your child to you. Please do not cross in the middle of the street as other children see this and sometimes want to follow, especially if the adult is familiar to them.  We want all students and their families to be safe and use the cross walks.


    Bus – To support our buses exiting at dismissal we have coned a section off at the entrance.  Please do not block the entrance to the loop or pull up close to the entrance in the street.  This makes it difficult for the buses to exit, and if the vehicles in the loop cannot exit then new vehicles cannot enter. 





    Rebecca Oren

    Principal, Odyssey Elementary

    WHY/Vision: Achieve our potential to become contributing citizens and lifelong learners.

    How/Mission: Build Relationships, Use Resources, Embrace Rigor, Get Results

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