Learning Resources

    Google Classroom  

    We are excited to be using Google classroom.
    This is a program that students can use at school and home. 
    Assignments are provided and can be turned in digitally!  
    We are learning how to use it effectively.

    To log on at home:

    1. Go to www.google.com

    2. Sign in using student number@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    3. Password is shift first initial and student number

    4. Go to the grid of dots up by their name and open it.

    5. They can open docs or slides.

    The program automatically saves what they are working on every 10 seconds.

  • Reading A- Z RAZ Kids

    Teacher Name:  Trentmb

    Click on your name

    Password:  Sailboat


    I did not specify a specific reading level for you.  Please read what books are of interest to you but also choose ones that you can read and understand.  If the book is too easy, move up a level.  If it is too hard, move back down and know that you can move up when you are ready.  Remember the goal is for you to read something that interests you but also to increase your reading abilities.  Read like you talk!  Enjoy!