• The classroom is first and foremost a place to learn. Sometimes the learning will be purely academic; something from a book, something about writing or reading. Sometimes the learning will be about non-academic aspects of life. Sometimes the students learn and sometimes the teacher learns. Sometimes the students learn through mistakes and sometimes the teacher learns through mistakes. Some of the most important things students must learn by the end of 7th grade are how to be responsible for their own learning, how to take initiative to be successful academically, and how to work hard at something for a sustained period of time. 

    Make Your Day

    Voyager uses a citizenship program called Make Your Day. Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment without interference. Make Your Day helps maintain that safe and calm learning environment and I strive to follow the program consistently. In the event that a substitute teacher must teach my class, students whose names are written down for not meeting classrooom expectations will choose an automatic step 4 conference. 

  • Learning is enhanced when a number of elements come together. Student interest in learning is important. A safe, quiet place helps a great deal. Hard work makes learning much easier. With these things in mind, I expect the the following in my classroom: 

    • Students come to class on time. If a student accumulates 4 unexcused tardies they will choose step 4. 
    • Students come to class prepared to learn.
      • That means having paper,
      • something to write with,
      • all materials that we're working on in class,
      • their planner
      • and a book to read if they finish work before the end of class. 
      • If a student comes to class without the items listed above they will choose step 4. 
    • Students will enter the classroom, take their assigned seat, and get ready for class. 
    • At the beginning of class students will write the learning target in their planner without being told to do so. 
    • During class students will maintain a quiet atmosphere. Collaboration with other students will be done quietly. 
    • Students will not leave their desk during class without permission.
    • Students are allowed to eat healthy snacks in class if it does not detract from the learning environment.
    • Students who need to use the restroom will obtain permission, then sign out, and take a hall pass.
    • Students will dispose of garbage they produce during class before leaving the room. 

    I rarely assign work that must be done at home. Students who wish to excell academically, however, should establish a habit of reading every night. If we are working on an assignment that will take more than one day in class students are welcome to work on it at home if they have the necessary resources. Because I allow adequate time in class to complete our work I usually do not accept work that is late. 

  • Finally, hard work does not guarantee success in life or academics, but laziness always prevents us from reaching our highest potential. The ability to sustain intense effort is learned through practice. The ability to excell in reading is learned through sustained practice. The ability to write well is learned through long practice. I will make my best attempt throughout the school year to provide the instruction and practice students need to achieve success in these areas. I expect students to show up for class ready to work hard, practice, and strive for success.