Digital Citizenship


Creative Side

  • This is Sand     Weave Silk     Tate Art     Auto Draw

Review Games

  • Blooket     Kahoot!

  • code-rhoades     code- redden     code- west     code- Mazick

Technology Basics






Social Studies



  • Sign into Freckle using your class code, then type your first name and the first letter of your last name. The problems will start out easy because it is getting to know your level. Pass through the problems for the program to figure out which level to put you at. 

    • Rhoades: m37d4b
    • Mazick: fnqyfi
    • West: j2fwad
    • Walsh VonderMehden: 7xjekk




Language & Literacy



    Solve the mystery letters and escape by finding the missing words. Click around to see what you can discover.