Technology Department Staff

  • You can call the Technology department at 425-356-1207.

    Brooke Trisler - Chief Technology Officer
    Debbie Truax - Director of Technology Operations 
    Josh Benedict - Director of Technology Integration

    Bonnie Miller - Server and Storage Administrator 
    Cassie Aaenson - Student Information System Analyst
    Chris Moore - Application System Analyst
    Gibb Johnson - Network Administrator
    Grant Campbell - Server Analyst
    Jonathan Skamser - Database and System Administrator
    Miriam Callaghan - Data Analyst
    Roseanne Jones - Application Analyst
    Scott Coon - Network Desktop Analyst
    Scott Farrand - Network Engineer

    Jack Ladd - Service Coordinator
    Dennis Moton - Service Technician 
    Eli Heminger - Service Technician
    Felix Tamayao - Service Technician
    Khoi Nguyen- Service Technician
    Micahel Tuffey - Service Technician
    Paul Leatherman - Service Technician 

    Chad Hultgren - Service Desk Technician
    Pat Marsters - Service Desk Technician

    Neva Redmond - Administrative Assistant
    Sandy Lehman - Accounting Technician 

    Amie Parker - Technology Integration Specialist
    Brandon Tepley - Technology Integration Specialist