Harbour Pointe Clubs


    Student clubs activities

    Welcome to Harbour Pointe Clubs! Here you will find information regarding our club activities:   


    COOKING CLUB: Learn kitchen safety, research recipes for ease & time, create delicious treats, snacks, appetizers & meals, and have fun. Join Ms. Rhoads on Wednesdays in room N208 from 2:50-3:50. Due to the limited space in the kitchen area, each Cooking Club session will be limited to eight students. A permission slip signed by a parent/guardian is required for participation. The first sixteen students to return their permission slip will be assigned to group A (8) or group B (8). Group A and B will alternate Wednesdays.


    COMMUNITY AND SERVICE: Once a month, students will give back to their school and community including cleaning the campus, helping with activities to help the community. Join Mrs. Oehling on Wednesdays from 2:45-4:00 in N110.


    CROCHET & KNITTING CLUB: Come learn how to crochet and knit with Mrs. Anne and Mrs. Cornish on Tuesdays from 2:50-3:50 in room N206. We have supplies or you can bring your own.


    CULTURE CLUB: Culture club welcomes all students to a safe and inclusive space for open discussions about different cultures. You will share thoughts and experiences without fear of judgement. Anyone can join this welcoming environment. Tuesdays 2:50-4:00 with Mr. Lucey in the library.


    DRAMA CLUB: This club will have drama games, activities, and audition prep for the upcoming musical. It will also work on duet scenes. Join Mr. Hickox on Wednesdays in the Commons from 2:45-4:00.


    DRAWING CLUB: A time to free draw, experiment with drawing materials, and learn about your own style. This club is independently led by students, so you can really focus on where you want to grow as an artist! Join Ms. Graeber on Wednesdays from 2:50-3:50 in room W102.


    GAME CLUB: Close those Chromebooks, unplug from your electronic devices and join Mrs. Gjertsen for Game Club. Hosted every Tuesday in room N104 from 2:50-3:50, we will play various card and board games like Happy Little Dinosaurs, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, Jenga, and many more! All grade levels are welcome so head to the north hall, first floor, and play some classic and new games!


    GUITAR CLUB: A club for guitar fans to try some instruments, learn some basic skills and enjoy guitar related activities. Join Mr. Craggs in room W117 on Wednesdays from 2:50-3:50.


    MINECRAFT CLUB: Come to play some Minecraft with fellow builders. Defeat the Ender Dragon while making some new friends! Past years we have done build battles, PvP, Survival, and Free play! The options are endless. Worlds are hosted on local servers and are only accessed during club time. All players welcome, just bring your school computer and imagination! Every Monday from 2:50-3:50, W203. Advisor: Mr. Hickox.


    NEURODIVERSITY CLUB: Students will learn about neurodiversity, play social games, and make posters with Miss Karp Thursdays from 2:50-3:50 in W209.


    PEP CLUB: Our athletes would love to have student support. Before games come paint signs and then cheer on the athletes while learning leadership skill. Ms. Schamens and Miss Karp will lead these activities throughout sports seasons. Stay tuned to HPTV.


    QSA CLUB: The HP Queer Straight Alliance is a club for everyone who cares about making our school and the world safe for our LGBTQ community. All are welcome. Join us for conversations, snacks, and games every Thursday in Ms. Pearlman’s classroom N202 from 2:50-3:50.


    SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB: If you want to learn about and promoting equity, participation, diversity, and human rights, then the Social Justice Club is the right place for you. Social Justice Club will meet on Tuesdays from 2:50-3:50 in room W105.



    A variety of sports will be offered throughout the year for all students. Activities include rollerblading, table tennis, soccer, football, basketball, ultimate, and swimming. Sports Club will meet on Mondays from 2:50-3:50. Listen for announcements on HPTV about where to meet after- school. Our meeting place will be determined by the activity.


    STUDENT FAITH & FELLOWSHIP (SFF) CLUB: Mrs. Grayson & Mr. Aitken are delighted to offer Student Faith & Fellowship (SFF) Club this year at Harbour Pointe. This club will meet on Tuesdays in N211 from 2:50-3:50. This club is for any student who wishes to grow in their faith and have a weekly opportunity to have prayer and fellowship with others.