Office Staff


    Cindy Steigerwald
    Director of Transportation and Safety

    Cindy began her transportation career in 1995 as a substitute bus driver in a neighboring school district.  During her career she has worked in many roles including Driver, Router, Dispatcher, State Driver Trainer and finally Manager.  Cindy attended Central Washington University and completed their Pupil Transportation Management Program in 2005.  She is still involved in this program as a Leadership Mentor and is the Chairperson of the Steering Committee.  In 2014 Cindy additionally became the Director of the Safety Department; a natural fit as student and staff safety have always been paramount throughout her career. 

    Lita Smith
    Transportation Coordinator

    Lita started working for the district in 1993.  The first sixteen (16) as a driver before moving into the office in 2005 as an Assistant Dispatcher and Routing Specialist.  In 2010 she was promoted to the supervisor position of Transportation Coordinator.  Lita manages all aspects of the Mukilteo bus fleet and student management for the district. 

    Lisa Mehrtens
    Driver Trainer

      Lisa’s career in transportation started in 1996 since then she has served as a Substitute School Bus Driver and Driver Trainer.  After working for various public and private school entities, Lisa settled in and joined the Mukilteo transportation team as a driver and driver trainer in 2013.  In 2019 she was promoted to Driver Trainer Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing all on-going training of our current school bus drivers and creating a manageable district driver training course for potential new team members

    Kathy Durr
    Dispatcher/Route Specialist

    Kathy started her transportation career as a Special Education Driver for another district in 1979 and joined the Mukilteo team in 1992.  She continued as a School Bus Driver until 1995 when she joined the Dispatch Office and is currently a Lead Dispatcher/Route Specialist responsible for Special Education students. 

    Karen Heying
    Dispatcher/Route Specialist

    Karen joined the Mukilteo team in 1997 as a School Bus driver.  In 2008 she expanded her duties to include School Bus Driver Trainer and in 2012 attended Central Washington University and completed their Pupil Transportation Management program.  Karen joined the Dispatch team in 2011 and is currently a Lead Dispatcher/Route Specialist responsible for McKinney Vento and Foster Care students. 

    Cameron Johnson
    Assistant Dispatcher

    Cameron Johnson joined the Mukilteo School District Transportation team in May of 2021 as an Assistant Dispatcher.  Cameron brings with him a lot of bus driving experience.  Cameron was inspired to become a bus drive while an aide to a special needs student.  He has worked in a variety of transportation positions including Supervisor.  Cameron has many outside interests including photography, music, and gardening.

    Ben Hirst
    Assistant Dispatcher

    Ben started his education career in 2005 as a preschool teacher.  In 2007 he joined the Mukilteo team as a school bus driver and while driving he learned much about the district and its community all while continuing his education in information technology.  Prior to joining the Dispatch team in 2020, Ben utilized his computer skills to help integrate and utilize technology in the Transportation Department.  

    Karen Manley
    Office Coordinator

    Karen joined the Transportation team in October of 2021. Her background includes working as an administrative assistant in the medical field and the construction industry. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her rescue dog, two rescue cats, and playing golf.