• What is an Elementary Support Specialist (ESS)?

    As an ESS, I am an educator trained in understanding the social-emotional and behavioral needs of students, just as other educators are trained in math, science, or language arts. My goal is to develop, implement and evaluate proactive programs designed to meet the needs of ALL students. 

    Vision Statement

    The vision of Olivia Park's ESS is that all students can learn personal, social and leadership skills to develop into responisble citizens and have successful careers. 

    Mission Statement

    Our school supports the social and emotional development of the whole child by teaching universal positive building-wide strategies (PBIS), healthy interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, bullying prevention and personal safety. In addition, our school provides targeted support based on individual student needs through thoughtful collaboration with staff and families. Intensive supports for students experiencing significant emotional or social deficits are provided through individual interventions and community resource connections.