New Rider Information

  • Mukilteo School District


    New Rider Information

    School Bus Passenger Rules and Procedures

    • Follow driver direction
    • Remain seated
    • Talk to your seat partner
    • Keep hands/feet to self
    • Respect others  

    At the Bus Stop

    Students at the bus stop are expected to:

    • Practice safe and appropriate behavior 
    • Stand a safe distance from the street
    • No running, pushing, or shoving
    • Respect other's property
    • Follow driver instruction on bus approach  

    Boarding and Departing Bus

    Students are expected to follow driver directions while boarding or disembarking the school bus. Students who cross the street at the stop must cross in front of the bus. Crossing students must wait until eye contact is made with driver and the driver hand signals the student to cross. Students must also check for traffic when they are crossing.  

    Items NOT Allowed on the Bus

    • Glass Objects
    • Food, drinks and gum consumption
    • Balloons
    • Animals including insects and spiders
    • Items not allowed at school
    • Illegal items  

    Are School Buses Safe?

    Buses travel billions of miles annually and transport millions of students every day. They accomplish this with the highest safety record and lowest fatality rate of mass transit. Statistics continue to support that school bus transportation is the safest way to go to school   School Bus Statistics When we consider the number of students transported (24 million) over the billions of miles traveled (4 billion) fatalities are very rare. School buses have a rate 0.2 deaths per 100 million miles traveled. The rate of deaths in automobiles is eight times higher (WebMD).  


    Most large school buses do not have seat belts for students. Each seating area acts as a protective bubble for students. The seats use thick padding with high seat backs and fronts. The seat frames use construction to absorb the energy of impact and are securely fastened to the floor. Accident studies have shown that compartmentalization works well when children stay within the seat compartment.  

    School Bus Inspections

    Our school buses are inspected by the WSP twice a year. In the summer the whole fleet is inspected, the winter inspection is 25% of our fleet. Our mechanics have received 100% outstanding school bus inspection certificates for several years.  

    School Bus Drivers Credentials

    All school bus drivers are required to submit fingerprints for FBI background check. A 5 year driving abstract is also requested for review. Successful candidates then begin a training course that includes time in the classroom and behind the wheel of the school bus. Drivers train on defensive driving, rules of the road, and all regulations.  After passing written test and drive test they then obtain a CDL through the Department of Licensing and a School Bus Authorization through the state. Drivers are required to maintain compliance by maintaining a clear driving record, participate in a random drug testing pool and attend annual training as determined by the state. School Bus drivers are highly trained professionals that assume the responsibility to safely transport students.  

    Weather Related Limited Transportation

    When weather makes traveling unsafe in designated neighborhoods in the District, "limited" transportation will be announced on local radio, and TV stations. This information will also be published at and on the District website Limited bus transportation will remain in effect the entire day. Detailed information regarding your neighborhood can be found on the District website under transportation and at your local school. Limited transportation

    Please arrive at bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.


    Riding a school bus is a privilege. Common bus rules are posted on all buses. Students are expected to follow bus rules and driver directions. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats if needed to keep a safe environment. Failure to comply can result in a loss of riding privileges.