Ridership expectations

  • PBIS Bus Bee

    Be safe                  
             Be responsible  
                    Be respectful



    Parents are responsible for their student’s route to and from the bus stop. Passengers should arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled stop time. Students who consistently arrive too early may be disciplined.


    Students at the bus stop are expected to: 

    • Practice safe and appropriate behavior 
    • Stand a safe distance from the street
    • No running, pushing, or shoving
    • Respect other's property
    • Follow driver instructions on bus approach


    Students shall follow driver directions while boarding or disembarking the school bus. Students who cross the street at the stop need to wait at the front of the bus. Looking for eye contact and hand signal from the driver. Before proceeding to cross in front of the bus. Then students stop and look both ways to check for traffic before proceeding 


    Special permission to ride a bus may be granted if room is available. Parent/guardian must send a written note to school with their student. The note should include the date, bus stop and the reason for the request. If your student is riding home with another student, please include the name of the other student. The school office will issue a bus pass for your student to present to the bus driver.  Drivers are unable to accept handwritten notes. 


    Kindergarten students need to be met at the bus stop and are normally released to their parent, guardian, or sibling. However, students can be released to another individual with prior permission. This information can be provided by calling Transportation at 425-356-1306 or by providing a note to the school.   


    Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies (PBIS) is the model of student management on the bus. The core values of PBIS are “Be safe, Be responsible, Be respectful”. These are the same core values of many of the district schools. The matrix of expected student behavior is posted on all buses. Drivers will frequently instruct students in the core values and teach expected safe behavior to students. The standard bus rules, which fall in line with PBIS guidelines, are also posted on the bus. 


    In order to comply with state and district policies, and ensure the safety of all students, the following items are not allowed on a school bus: 

    • Glass objects 
    • Food, drink and gum consumption 
    • Balloons 
    • Animals, including insects and spiders
    • Any object that cannot be safely controlled by the student in the seat, or upright on the floor between their knees. The bus driver has the authority to make the final decision. 
    • Items not allowed at school
    • Illegal items 

    Object that cannot be safely controlled, can include Large musical Instruments or any other item which is larger than 42 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. Please review our guidelines for more information. 


    Student management is to increase the safety and comfort of all student riders. Students are encouraged and instructed on how to demonstrate appropriate and safe behavior. Drivers will make every effort to assist students in making good choices, including enlisting family and school staff support.   


    Mukilteo School District has a progressive six step discipline policy for inappropriate or unsafe behavior. This policy applies any time a student rides District transportation. The bus conduct report is the document through which the District communicates with a parent/guardian. It also ensures that the parent/guardian is involved in the process from the first incidents of inappropriate or unsafe behaviors. If warranted, your child will be given a written notice for you to review, sign, and return to the bus driver the following day. The six discipline steps are: 

    1. Written report with phone call to parent/guardian 
    2. School Administrator discusses behavior with students 
    3. One (1) day loss of bus transportation 
    4. Five (5) days loss of bus transportation 
    5. Thirty (30) days loss of bus transportation 
    6. Loss of bus transportation for the remainder of the school year. 

    Infractions of a severe nature can bypass the above discipline steps and result in immediate loss of bus transportation. This can require a conference with school administrators, parents, student, and transportation officials with a positive outcome to re-establish ridership. 

         The District reserves the right to suspend transportation for any student that demonstrates unsafe behavior.