Special Dietary Needs

  • Federal law and USDA regulation require nutrition programs to make reasonable modifications to accommodate children with disabilities, which can include allergies and digestive conditions, but does not include personal diet preferences. Each day, we provide multiple meal options for students to choose from. Please view our menus with your child to help them make the best choices for their preferences.

    Nutrition Services partners with local school nurses to ensure your child's safety. To request special meal accommodations, please complete the "Request for Special Dietary Accommodations" form. Please note this form must be signed by a state-recognized medical provider. Please return the completed form to your school nurse.

    Special Dietary Request Form (English)

    Solicitud de ajustes dieteticos especiales (Spanish)


    The form provides us context for your child's medical need for a special diet, including what foods your child cannot eat and appropriate foods for substitution. This information is entered into our electronic system which notifies our staff who prepare and serve meals.  

    Please contact Joyce Moon, RD with questions about special meal accommodations at: moonjs@mukilteo.wednet.edu or ext. 1213.