District Goals

  • 2019-23 District Goals

    Ensure Success for Every Student


    Goal #1: Student Achievement - Ensure equitable access and support for every student

    • Ensure equitable access to rigorous curriculum and effective instruction
    • Use accurate and timely data to support student learning
    • Ensure equitable support for meeting students’ academic needs
    • Recruit, hire and develop a culturally responsive and diverse workforce
    • Ensure students have access to relevant technology that supports learning


    Goal #2: Learning Environment - Enhance the learning environment

    • Support the social and emotional well-being of students
    • Ensure a welcoming and safe learning and work environment
    • Facilitate collaboration and engagement
    • Provide on-going professional development aligned to District Goals
    • Review and plan for student enrollment growth and facility needs


    Goal #3: Parent & Community Partnerships - Engage in a shared commitment for student success

    • Ensure family involvement
    • Facilitate family engagement
    • Foster partnerships and communication throughout the School District community


    Adopted on April 15, 2019, and Extended until 2023 on November 22, 2021

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