Elementary registration

  • New students entering 1st through 5th grade can register at the neighborhood school their home address is assigned to.

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will need to provide the following documents to register their student(s):

    • Verification of your child’s birth date

    Birth certificate, passport, or document from the doctor’s office showing your child’s birth date.

    • Immunizations

    A list of dates and immunizations that your child has received. (The state’s current immunization requirements can be found on the Washington State Department of Health website.)

    • Verification of address

    A purchase or lease agreement, or a current utility bill showing your name and address within the service area of the school where you are registering.

    • Names and phone numbers of 2 emergency contacts

    These should be people who the school would contact in an emergency or if your child gets sick at school and we are unable to reach you.

    School Supply List

    Information for Kindergarten Registration.