• What Students Say About ACES?

    “ACES has provided me the chance to come back and complete my graduation requirements.”

    “ACES has helped me earn my credits in order to graduate on-time. It has allowed me to set priorities and focus on schoolwork with the ultimate goal of graduation.”

    “ACES has given me more opportunity to succeed.”

    “Before ACES, I was very shy. ACES has allowed me to become more comfortable in and around school. I have become more active in participating within the classroom and around campus. I enjoy helping others and always willing to help.”

    “The one-on-one feeling with teachers has been the best. I feel a true, genuine connection with a clear vision that teachers are here to help students succeed.”

    “ACES has helped me realize what I want to do in life. I enjoy calling teachers by their first names and feels it brings more connection and the feeling of family between students and staff.”