2020 Capital Bond

  • The Mukilteo School District Board of Directors will consider proposing a capital bond in February 2020. The capital bond proposal is still in draft form. Thanks to the community members who attended the evening informational meetings Oct. 15 and 17. The handouts from those meetings are on the Community Involvement webpage.

    Capital Bond Development Timeline

    • September 23: The school board heard a presentation based on the Capital Bond Advisory Committee's recommendations to the superintendent.
    • October 28: The school board heard the superintendent's recommendation in a final bond presentation during their regular board meeting.
    • November 12: The school board is scheduled to vote on the capital bond proposition. 
    • January 24: Election ballots are mailed to homes.
    • February 11: The final day of the election and last day to turn in ballots.

    Draft Capital Bond Overview

    The draft bond package is $240 million and would fund projects for six years, 2021 through 2026. 

    • $160 million for major modifications and additions
    • $12.3 million for security upgrades at all schools
    • $2 million for technology infrastructure at all schools
    • $52.4 million for facilities (HVAC, roofing, flooring, plumbing)
    • $13.3 million for fields and courts

    Tax Rate Implications

    If the bond proposal passes, the total state and local tax rate is projected to increase by 9.4 cents per $1,000 of Assessed Value. This is the equivalent of $47 for a $500,000 home.