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Mukilteo Elementary Garden

  • Students, staff, master gardeners, scouts, neighbors, and community members are enthusiastically piecing our garden together, as one would a quilt. Teams are dedicated to seed-starting, vermicompost, bringing reusables into the garden and keeping it a clean space, communicating and publishing news and important events with the school through Falcon News, and communicating with community partners. 

    Staff are beginning to imagine teaching through gardening and are connecting with local gardeners and other educators to determine their next steps.

    Master gardeners, especially Carolyn Henri, are the lifeblood of the project. She has organized educational trips to local WSU extensions, connected staff and students with other gardeners, developed our budget, and so much more!

    There are also two scouts who have taken large roles in the garden! Elizabeth Crocco, our master gardener, was awarded a grant and is leading our seed-starting efforts in the atriums. Cooper Miller designed and installed raised beds. 

    Neighbors and community members are regularly attending meetings to discuss the vision for the garden, connecting the vision of the garden with the broader vision and mission of the school, and help us ensure the garden is a resource at school and in the community.

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