Cleaning information

  • At each school

    Custodial teams clean schools, including high-touch areas, every day according to the Washington State Department of Health guidelines. Teachers also have approved cleaner in their classrooms for additional cleaning, when needed.

    In addition to the regular approved cleaning, custodians have increased attention to high-touch areas such as doorknobs, handles, crashbars, light switches, lunch room tables, kitchen counters and floors, locker rooms, student and staff desks and chairs. 

    Deep cleaning

    When a school is "deep cleaned," as was the case when Mariner High and Discovery Elementary schools were closed on March 2, custodial teams give an especially thorough cleaning to schools and administrative and support offices, including high-touch areas. They use approved cleaning and disinfecting products and are able to clean more surfaces and leave products on surfaces longer before wiping them off. 


    In a deep cleaning, technology staff will clean technology devices, mice, keyboards and tablets.


    The facilities team has ordered additional cleaning supplies and products, including disinfectants approved for Coronavirus. They have also ordered extra gloves and other supplies for custodial team members and are providing extra cleaning supplies for the transportation department to use on buses.