• Activity Suggestion 1:

    BOOM! is a game we play in the classroom.  The kids LOVE it!  We have used it to practice sight words and sound out words.  In class, we play using popsicle sticks and a jar (a picture of our game is attached). On one end of the popsicle stick, there is a sight word written (that is the end that goes into the jar).  For every 8-ish sight word sticks, there is one stick with BOOM! written. One student at a time will pull out a stick. If he/she reads the word correctly, they can keep it.  If not, the stick goes back in the jar. If the student pulls out the BOOM! stick, then they need to put all their popsicle sticks back in the jar. This becomes a never-ending game of practicing sight words, cvc words, math problems, etc.

     At home, you can play this game using pieces of paper and a bowl.  Using the same premise, write one sight word on each little piece of paper.  Crumple that piece of paper and put it into a bowl. (Remember for every 8 words or so, have one paper that says BOOM!).  Your bowl should be filled to look like a bowl of popcorn. Alternate between you and your child to pick out a word. Whomever picks out a word must read it and show that word to the other person to verify and reinforce knowledge. 

     Possible skills to practice using this game:

    1. Sight words
    2. 3 letter sound out words (consonant - vowel - consonant, cvc)
    3. 4 letter sound out words (consonant - consonant - vowel - consonant, ccvc)
    4. Bossy e words  (i.e. bake, kite, cape)
    5. Words using “chunks” we’ve covered in class (i.e. sh, th, ch and wh)
    6. Simple addition within 10
    7. Simple subtraction within 10
    8. Mix of addition and subtraction
    9. Teen number identification (or numbers above 20 if your child is ready)

     Have fun playing BOOM!


  • Activity Suggestion 2:

    Have you started making a word wall at home?  Here is a picture to help you remember what our word wall looks like in the classroom.

     Word Wall Picture

    Kindergarten Sight Words List

     I have attached the entire list of kindergarten sight words.  Use this list to make your own word wall at home.  Add more words if you want.  It does not have to be only these words!

  • Husky Counting Game:

    We have played this game many times.  The kids will remember how it goes...

    In class, the kids got into a large circle STANDING around the rug.  One started off holding my stuffed husky dog.  This student started counting by saying "1", then passed the dog to the next student who continued to count.  And the game continues on from there going around the circle.  If a student missed a number, she/he would sit down and she/he is out of the game.  A player is out of the game if she/he gets a "9 number" (i.e. 9, 19, 29...89, 99).  The nineties numbers do not count; just 99.  The last person standing is the winner!

    Variations of this game:

       1.  Count by ones

       2.  Count by five

       3.  Count by tens

       4.  Count by hundreds