• Music for Grades 3-5 

    Something new in 2021 is that all of the MSD elementary schools have received brand new curricula to use for teaching students. A curriculum is a series of lesson that reach specific goals. The previous curriculum that we had was adopted about 20 years ago, and was poorly suited to meet the current national and state music learning standards.

    In the intermediate grades of 3, 4, and 5, we use GamePlan. Most of the students are doing great with this curriculum! It can be challenging at times, but they are learning quickly! We’re doing rhythmic training, speech activities, using instruments, melodic training, songs and activities with movements, and musical games.  Different grade levels have activities which focus on imitation, exploration, improvisation, and visualization. 

    GAMEPLAN Complete K-5 Curriculum

    Please email me if you have any musical questions or comments (hodgsonbe@mukilteo.wednet.edu).

    -Mr. H