• Week 2 April 20-24, 2020

    The main lessons, materials, and resources can be found in our Google Classroom, but here are some more ideas. Also, if you are having difficulty accessing Google Classroom, the ideas listed here will give you a good picture of what your child should be working on this week. There is a place to click at the top of the page for translation if that would be helpful. Some of the things on this page are also in our Google Classroom. Second grade teachers are just trying to get information out to our families in several ways.

    • Reading

    Look through the books in your house. Grab a few books and make two piles. One pile is fiction (telling a story) and one pile is non-ficiton (facts and information). You might need a third pile for books that are kind of in between or you are not sure. If you don't have books, go onto RAZ Kids and look at the titles. Which books look like fiction and which non-fiction? Explain your thinking to someone at home.

    Read a non-fiction book. Write three questions you still have about the topic. How could  you find the answers to your questions?

    Read, read, read. Aim for 20 minutes a day of non-stop, no interruptions, totally focused reading. 



    Look for clocks in your house. How many are there? Are they digital (only numbers) or analog (they have hands that move). What else do you have for telling time besides clocks? Pay attention to the time all day long. What time do you eat? Go to bed? What time is a favorite show on TV? Have someone look at a clock and you tell them when you think one minute has passed. What can you do in one minute? Say the alphabet? Count to 20? 100? 1000? Wash your own dishes? Wash the dishes for the whole family? What makes sense? Watch this video about how to tell time and then practice telling time on any analog clocks that you have at home.




    Think about the books that you pulled out or saw on RAZ Kids under the Reading part above. Which book was your favorite? Why? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion. Say things like "This was my favorite book because..." or " I liked the part where the character said .... because..." Give reasons and explain. You are giving your opinion! Watch this video about opinion writing https://youtu.be/KEK2oGBSsHks.

  • choice chart week 2

    Click on the "choice chart week 2" link. It will take you to a chart that you can choose activities to help your 2nd grade student. Assignments like these are on Google Classroom.


    This link is for families that are having trouble with Google Classroom. Please reach out for help and I will do my best to help you or get you connected to technology! NEW learning starts April 27th so please try and log on to Google Classroom before then.