• Try a few of these activities this week.  It's ok to do as many as you want!  Remember, more activities are posted on the PE @Home page.  Try to get at least 60 minutes of activity every day.  It doesn't have to be all at once, it's ok to spread it out throughout your day. Check out the Grizzly Challenge of the Week 

  • Total Motion 20 min work out


     Pokemon Scavenger Hunt

    Pokemon Scavenger Hunt

    Here’s an activity designed to help kids have fun, be active, and stay busy while parents work from home!  The idea is that parents or kids can print these out, cut them up, and hide them around the house (like, really hide them).  You can also use a regular deck of playing cards if you don’t have a printer.  However, I say print them if you can since cutting them out is half the fun!  Thanks to Joey Fieth from The Physical Educator for making this possible.

    Here’s how to catch a Pokemon: (Detailed Video lesson below)

    1. Find a Pokemon hiding in your house.
    2. Look at the exercise associated to that Pokemon.
    3. Decide which type of Pokeball you will use to catch the Pokemon (i.e. Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball). Each Pokeball gives you a certain amount of coin flips.
    4. Perform the correct amount of repetitions of the exercise to throw that Pokeball.
    5. Once you have completed the exercises, start flipping your Pokecoin (keeping in mind the amount of flips you are allowed to use based on which ball you threw).
    6. If you get a “heads” within the flips you have earned, you’ve caught that Pokemon!
    7. If you do not get a “heads” within the flips you have earned, you’ve missed and have not caught the Pokemon.
    8. You may not try to catch that Pokemon again until a) the next day or b) you’ve caught a different Pokemon.
    9. If you catch a Pokemon, add its information to your Pokedex!
    10. Keep going until you’ve caught them all!

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