• Assignment Sheet for the Week of May 18-22, 2020

    Here are some things to do the week of May 18 at home if you are not able to be on Google Classroom. I know this is a crazy time and you may not be able to be the teacher :) from home. Do encourage your child to read and to use the materials that were in the bag of supplies that they picked up from school. If your child is working at home, just not using Google Classroom, please send me an email at chismkl@mukilteo.wednet.edu so I know that.

    1. Read 20 or more minutes every day! Read books you have at home, OR read on:

      1. RAZ Kids https://www.raz-kids.com/ (select kids log on, kchism6, then password is initials and student number) Listen to books read aloud, read books, and take quizzes to see how well you remember!

      2. Pebble Books at https://site.pebblego.com/modules user name: oliviaparkes password: school  Search for information and books about lot of animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs.

      3. Tumble books at https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/ – the Username is: OliviaPark2020 and the password is: trial. Listen to books read aloud here.

      4. Kids National geographic at https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/ Read about animals here and watch some videos to learn about them.

    2. Do some math every day! Hopefully you picked up your bag of materials at Olivia Park. The math student workbook was in that bag.

      1. Do pages 271-278 to practice adding 3-digit numbers.

      2. Find a way to practice math facts. Math flashcards were in that bag of materials.

      3. Log on to Moby Max at https://www.mobymax.com/signin is a great site for practicing math skills. 1.click “as a student” 2. Type in “Olivia park” as the school 3.click on Olivia park 4. User name is student number ex-1234567 password is initials and student number ex- Mary Black MB1234567

    3. Write something every day! Try to write for 10 minutes or more daily. Use the prompt given and write in your purple writing notebooks. Write about something you saw or something you did. Use complete sentences, capital letters, and periods.


    If you did not pick up your bag of materials or need help connecting on Google Classroom here is the information on contacting the office.

    Contacting the school: If you need to contact someone at school because you don't have email or you need support, you can still call our main office at 425-366-3300 and leave a voicemail. Our office team is checking voicemails daily and responding to your messages. Please make sure you leave a detailed message and the best method for contacting you.

    Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home.