• In the Mukilteo School District, Elementary Support Specialists (ESSs) are educators who support the social-emotional and behavioral well-being of our students.  At Fairmount, both ESSs have Master's Degrees in School Psychology or School Counseling and additional training and experience in children's mental health.  Our goal is to help all of our students to develop the skills they need to feel the way they want to feel at school and be their best selves.  There are many ways we do this.

    Classroom Lessons

    We teach lessons in your children's classrooms to support development of emotion awareness and regulation skills, empathy and perspective taking, emotion vocabulary, problem solving, and bullying prevention.

    Small Groups

    We meet with small groups to support social and emotional growth for students who need extra support.

    Individual Sessions

    We provide short term individual support to students who need individualized strategies to manage stress, difficult emotions, or crisis situations.  


    We regularly work with teachers, administrators, and others in our building to develop plans for supporting students.  We are available to talk with parents about how we can work together to support your children, and we regularly work with individuals and organizations in the community to meet the needs of Fairmount kids and families.  


    We work with families to help them find resources in the community to meet their needs. 

    We are here to help! Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like to seek support for your child.

    Megan De Robertis, Grades 2-5: (425) 366-2968

    Jennifer DeSanto, Grade 1: (425) 366-2989