Learning Management System Work Group

  • A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

    The district will adopt a robust Learning Management System (LMS) as recommended by the state during this time of distance learning and the unknown nature of learning this fall. The goal is to select a “one stop” platform for teachers, students and families to access materials, improve communication, and that integrates with current applications such as Qmlativ (student information system), Google Apps, and Microsoft Office 365. The LMS committee represents members of various roles throughout our school community to review the platforms that will best meet teaching needs districtwide.

    The Learning Management System Work Group met several times to discuss priorities and received a presentation by Schoology and Canvas, the two systems evaluated. Following the presentations, team members began to explore sample classrooms from both products learning more about the functionality, tools, and options that each offer. The team provided their feedback, reviewed the data and made a decision with a 97 percent vote in favor of adopting Schoology.

    A professional development plan is being created to provide all staff and families training to ensure a smooth transition to the new learning management system in the fall. Please see the graphics and timeline showing the implementation and information about the functions of an LMS.

  • Timeline

    The district is now in the implementation and development phase with Schoology. This will continue throughout the summer and the LMS will be available for use by the end of August.

    timeline image


LMS - Schoology
  • What is an LMS?

    A Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool that manages all aspects of the learning process. Just like Microsoft Word helps us write doucments and Outlook helps us manage emails, an LMS is a software program that helps operators create, manage, and deliver eLearning courses.

  • LMS Features

    • Automatic Rostering
    • Gradebook Integration
    • Assignment Calendar
    • Courses
    • Assignments
    • Lesson Banks
    • Quizzes and Exams
    • Accessibility Tools
    • Communication Tools
    • Discussion Boards
    • Video Conferencing
    • Gamification
    • App Integration
    • Mobile Apps