Educational Delivery Model Work Group

  • The Educational Delivery Model (EDM) Work Group reviews a variety of reopening models and drafts values to drive goals and objectives to determine a model for the fall.

    The Educational Delivery Model (EDM) Work Group has met several times. The group's starting point was to review a variety of reopening models from other countries and states. They then began drafting a list of values to drive goals and objectives that will be used to determine which model to select for the fall. In addition, the group has been discussing how to best gather input from all staff and other stakeholders such as students, families, and community organizations.

    Although State Superintendent Chris Reykdal expects that schools will open this fall for in-person instruction, the Department of Health (DOH) requirements must be met in order to do so. In the event districts cannot meet the DOH requirements they must be prepared to offer an alternative educational model. OSPI recommends the following three models for schools to consider when they plan for the fall.

    Option A: Split or rotating schedules with distance learning

    • Reduced person to person contact; fewer students onsite at any one time.
    • Onsite combined with substantial portion of learning occurring offsite.

    Option B: Phased in opening with distance learning

    • Staggered starts dependent on county or district mandates or priorities.
    • Some school facilities open for some groups of students while others remain closed until a later date or certain community characteristics/standards are met. Students not attending would participate in distance learning.

    Option C: Continuous Learning 2.0

    • An enhanced version of our current distance learning model

    Our goal is to have students on our campuses as much as possible for in-person instruction while complying with health and safety requirements. Right now, we are planning for in-school instruction for elementary students and a hybrid instruction model of in-person and distance learning for middle and high school students. We are also upgrading the distance learning model in the event a school or the district may need to close again. Our initial goal was to make a final decision by July 24, but we have delayed that date by about a week to allow time to review staff and family survey results and hear expected guidance from the state.