Instructional Planning Work Group


    The purpose of the Instructional Planning Work Group is to identify and describe best practices and supports that students and teachers will need to be successful in a highly engaging, robust learning environment this fall. Since the announcement that students will begin school in a distance learning model, the group has focused on developing and sharing best teaching practices for distance learning. 

    The Work Group is comprised of 33 administrators and teachers representing a broad range of roles, departments, and grade levels. Meetings were held on June 30, July 7, July 13, and July 20. Additional dates will be scheduled as needed.

    The work group is exploring several topics to improve teaching and learning practices including:

    1. Equity/Social Emotional Learning/Relationships
    2. Systems & Protocols
    3. Instruction & Intervention
    4. Feedback/Assessment/Grading
    5. Communication/Collaboration

    These topics are likely to evolve over time.