• Emotions Matter!

    Our emotions, and what we do with them, influence just about all areas of our lives, including 

    • Our ability to pay attention and remember 
    • Our decision making and judgment
    • Our relationships
    • Our physical and mental health

    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process of developing children's ability to understand and manage emotions, set goals, form positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.  At Fairmount, we know that SEL is a critical component of helping our students become strong scholars and citizens.


    What is RULER?

    RULER is an evidence-based approach to social-emotional learning that was developed at the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence.  RULER focuses on five critical skills of emotional intelligence:


    •  Recognizing emotions in oneself and in others
    •  Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
    •  Labeling emotions accurately
    •  Expressing emotions appropriately
    •  Regulating emotions effectively


    Why do we use RULER at Fairmount?  

    Because research has shown that schools using RULER are associated with:

    • improved academic performance
    • improved social skills of students
    • decreased rates of anxiety and depression
    • improved school climate
    • improved student engagement and relationships between students and teachers
    • improved student leadership skills
    • decreased bullying

    In short, we use RULER because RULER works!


    How does RULER work?

    RULER skills are taught in class lessons and are integrated into academic instruction, recess, specialists, and all parts of the school community.   School staff have learned RULER principles and skills and practice them as a team, because the more we understand and live RULER, the better equipped we will be to provide kids a supportive learning environment.  We invite you to explore the information on using RULER with your family, because these skills and tools can be a great help at home, too!

    RULER skills are taught primarily through the consistent use of four "Anchor Tools": The Charter, the Mood Meter, the Meta-Moment, and the Blueprint.  In addition, RULER lessons focus on developing students' emotion vocabulary so that kids are able to understand and clearly express their emotional experiences, as well as learn strategies for managing specific emotions.  

    Please see the "RULER Tools" page to learn more about how these work and how you can use them at home.