• The Charter

    Children learn and grow best when they are in environments that feel warm and supportive; the Charter is a tool that helps us create that kind of climate.  It is a document that groups create together that states how people in the group want to feel, and what specific actions they will take to help themselves and each other feel that way.  

    At Fairmount, we have charters for every classroom and for the whole school.  In addition, we have a staff charter and charters for staff teams.  

    Every person in our school contributes to our emotional climate. The Charter helps us all to feel the way we want to feel at Fairmount, and that helps us to be our best.  


    The Mood Meter

    The Mood Meter is a tool for recognizing our emotions by plotting how we feel on a graph of pleasantness and energy.  Then, we can use that information to think about why we are feeling the way we are feeling, and come up with a specific feeling word to describe how we feel.  The Mood Meter helps us to notice and communicate shifts in our emotions, and to think about what our goal is for our emotions (whether we want to maintain our emotions or shift to a different emotional state).  


    The Meta Moment

    The Meta Moment teaches us to pause during emotionally intense situations and think about how our "best self" would act.  It is a way of stopping, thinking, and acting in a way that fits with our values.  


    The Blueprint

    The Blueprint helps us to solve problems by articulating what we are feeling and why, and considering the perspectives and feeligns of others involved.  It helps to develop empathy and conflict resolution skills by helping participants articulate their own feelings, identify those of others, and come up with solutions that fit with their values.