Community Engagement

  • We value the importance of gathering thoughts, input and feedback from students, parents, staff and community members as part of the fall planning process.

    Gathering thoughts, input and feedback from students, parents, staff and community members is an important part of the fall planning process. On June 25, Superintendent Brynelson met with Key Communicators who represent a parent voice from each school and includes school parent liaisons. View Key Communicator meeting notes. The district PTA Coalition also conducted a survey and shared the results with the superintendent.

    Workgroups also processed the family survey results gathered in May in addition to emails sent to the superintendent and the school board about reopening schools. They are also reviewed results from family and staff surveys about returning to school and ThoughtExchange results. They also reviewed the feedback from community leaders who support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) who interviewed 113 students and 39 families. 

    To help gather thoughts from students, parents, staff and community partners, we used a tool called ThoughtExchange. The platform allowed participants to enter multiple thoughts, concerns and questions and then review and rate thoughts shared by others. It was available in any language supported by Google Translate. The results helped inform work groups’ draft recommendations for re-opening schools.

    ThoughtExchange update

    Thank you to the more than 4,500 people who participated in the ThoughtExchange about re-opening schools this fall. All of the over 6,000 thoughts, their ratings and themes of the highest rated thoughts are available for your review. District work groups and leadership will continue to review the thoughts and trends in the coming week as they develop plans for re-opening schools in September.

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