Medical Forms

Medical Information

  • When should your child stay home from school? 
    Sending a sick child to school puts other children and staff members at risk of also getting sick. Click here to see some tips that may help you decide if your child should stay home from school.

    Asthma Plan

    When it is desired for a student to carry and self-administer asthma medication, state law requires a health care provider to complete an Asthma Plan for care & treatment during school hours. This Asthma Plan form must be completed, dated and signed by the Health Care Provider and parent/guardian prior to the student carrying the inhaler at school. A completed and signed Medication Authorization form is also required. Please contact the school nurse for more information. 

    Medical Authorization
    If your child must receive medication at school, this form is for parent permission to store and dispense your child's prescription and non-prescription medicine at school. When possible, parents and Health Care Provider are urged to work out a schedule of medications outside of school hours. This form must be signed both by Health Care Provider and parent. 

    Diet Prescriptions
    Federal law requires a written note from a health care provider when food substitutions need to be made in school meals. An example would be when juice is substituted for milk because a child is allergic to milk. The Diet Prescription for Meals at School form provides an easy format for your child’s health care provider to specify which foods cannot be served to your child and which foods can be substituted. 

    HCP and Diabetes
    The two HCP (Health Care Provider) Order forms above are used by doctors, in conjunction with families, to specify the care a student with diabetes should receive when at school. Parents are encouraged to download the appropriate form above and take it to their child’s doctor to be completed. Once the form is completed, please make an appointment with the school nurse and review the doctor’s orders with the nurse before the child starts school. 

    Immunization Exemptions
    State law requires parents requesting an exemption from the immunization requirement to submit a signed written certification that they have either a philosophical or personal objection to the immunization of a child. The form also must include a statement signed by a health care practitioner stating that he or she provided the parents with information about the benefits and risks of immunization. The state law also allows exemptions for religious reasons if the parent demonstrates membership in a religious body or church in which the religious beliefs or teachings preclude a health care practitioner from providing medical treatment to a child.