Student Internet Access Resources

  • Option 1 – Local Internet

    Families should contact their local Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Comcast/Xfinity, Ziply, etc. regarding discounted rates for students and families. Most internet companies have plans for various income levels, and some do not require social security numbers, credit checks, etc.
    - Comcast Xfinity:
    - Ziply:

    Does your student qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch?
    - Comcast Essentials:
    - Ziply Lifeline:

    Option 2 – Mobile Carriers
    Mobile phones can be used as personal internet hot spots to connect a student computers to the internet. Some mobile phone carriers have offered COVID-19 pandemic support for families. 

    Option 3 – Open Public Internet
    There are open and free internet options for families in our communities. We urge students and families abide by Washington State’s "Stay at Home" orders and social distancing practices, and staying inside cars when and where possible when using the below resources.

    Option 4 - Mukilteo SD Public Wireless Internet

    • Mukilteo SD district has wireless internet on at schools and it can be connected to from outside of many of our schools
    • Mukilteo SD is also adding extended wireless internet coverage at: Challenger, Columbia, Fairmount, Horizon, Mariner, Mukilteo Elementary, Odyssey, and Serene Lake

    Student Internet Request Form:

    If the options above do not support your needs, please complete the following form and we contact you with other options: Student Internet Request Form