• Student Computers

    Updated 10/7/2021

    As students return to in-person instruction in September, Mukilteo School District will have a student-to-computer ratio of one student-to-each computer! Some districts and communities commonly refer to this as 1:1.

    Students in grades 6-12 will check out a laptop at or before the start of the school year to transport between school and home. Students are expected to bring their laptop (fully charged) and charger to school every day like any other learning material.

    Distance Learning Students

    Families of K-5 and 6-12 Distance Learning Program are asked to complete a Laptop Checkout Form (below). K-5 students can contact the district office to schedule a pickup time. 6-12 students can contact ACES High School to pick up a laptop.

    In-person Students

    Elementary classrooms will have their own laptop cart for students to use throughout the day and to transport to their classes within their school. 

    The purpose of this transition in allocation of laptops is to ensure that each student has a laptop readily available for learning. It is important to note that while students will have immediate access to a laptop for learning, it does not mean that teachers will utilize laptops one hundred percent of their instructional time. 

    Specific timelines for laptop checkouts will be communicated by each school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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