Schoology Educator Resources

  • Teacher For more info about Schoology visit our MSD Schoology LMS page on the Mukiteo School District portal. Here you can find access to training opportunities, connected Schoology Apps, and work order ticket information. 

    Schoology Help Center

    Below are three ways to get help. Browse the Schoology Help Center, join the Mukilteo School District Schoology Support Community group, or enter a mySupport ticket.

  • Schoology Help Center

    Lightning Fast!

    Browse the Schoology Help Center for the fastest answers to your questions. Use the search bar to ask questions. You will be directed to a support resource page or a forum discussion to get help. You can also click the Schoology Logo in the bottom right of any page! This will allow you to search resources specific to the page you are on.

  • Schoology Support Community

    Super Fast!

    Once you have access to your Schoology account you can join our Schoololgy Support Community Group. In this group you can ask questions and search for answers. You can also answer questions to support your collegues! For more information, visit our Schoology page.

  • MySupport


    If you are haivng issues you cannot resolve using the help center or browsing the support community, navigate to the Staff Portal Home Page and click the mySupport link. Enter a ticket and someone in Technology will contact you. Remember work orders can only be accessed on your District device.

  • If your question cannot be answered using the links above, you can enter a support ticket or feature request. To do this, log into Schoology as you normally do. At the bottom of the page click the Support tab. A window will display various ways you can get the support you need.

    Schoology Information: Schoology Release Notes | PowerUps