• Transportation Overview

         The Transportation Department is made up of the Director of Transportation & Safety, Transportation Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Office Coordinator, four dispatchers, about 95 contracted bus drivers, and 20 substitute bus drivers.

         The Vehicle Maintenance Shop is also housed at Transportation. The “Shop” has one Lead Mechanic that oversees four mechanics and one mechanic helper. The Shop is staffed from 5:00am to 7:00pm to accommodate bus repairs and maintenance.

         The bus fleet consists of 118 School Buses, 52 of those are Special Education buses, some of which have wheelchair capacity. As of February 2020, for the first time in the history of our transportation department, we have 1 full size bus that will seat up to 63 students and 1 student in a wheelchair.

         Currently there are around 100 school bus routes, and an additional 45 route assignments throughout the district and beyond. Transportation’s primary responsibility is getting approximately 16,000 students to and from school, safe and sound, 180 days a year.

         The Transportation staff comes in as early as 5:00am, getting prepared for the drivers to arrive and setting up for the day. They closeup for the night and turn off the lights at 5:30pm. While the bus drivers work a 180-day a year schedule, the Transportation staff works a 260-day a year schedule maintaining transportation needs during the school breaks, and summer months.