• Mukilteo Transportation’s mission is to provide safe, timely and cheerful transportation to our communities’ youth. With safety at the forefront, and to make your student’s transportation as cheerful as possible, the list below of prohibited items is provided for your reference when sending your student to the bus stop.

    • Balloons of any kind
    • Glass objects such as jars, bottles, and vases
    • Food, drinks, and gum that is not in a container such as a lunch box, lunch bag, or backpack. Students cannot board a school bus with food or drink in hand.
    • Live animals, insects, spiders unless identified as a service animal
    • Any item that is larger than 42” X 12” X 9” or any item that the student cannot safely control in the seat or upright on the floor between their knees.
    • Flammables of any kind, aerosol sprays, lighters, alcohol-based liquids
    • Any weapon but not limited to knife, firearm, pocketknife, razor blade or other dangerous articles
    • Any item that is not allowed at school

    If your student is at the bus stop with one of the following items:

    • The bus driver will contact the Dispatch office to call home to inform the home, the student will return because they have a prohibited item that cannot be transported
    • If there is no one home, the driver will take control of the prohibited item, allow the student to board the bus, and upon arrival at the school will hand over item to appropriate school staff.

    If you are in doubt something can be transported on a school bus, do not bring it on the bus, Call Dispatch at 425-356-1306 to find out if an item can be transported.

    If a school project needs to be transported to school, please contact Dispatch ahead of time so Transportation can assess if project can be transported on the bus.