•      Mukilteo School District Transportations’ mission is to provide safe, timely, and cheerful transportation to our communities’ youth. In the current situation there is a lot of uncertainty. We would like to assure you that we continue our dedication to providing the highest level of service possible. In so, we adhere to all recommendations and requirements from OSPI, CDC and the Snohomish County Department of Health. Following is our plans for transporting students, as well as how we are cleaning and disinfecting the bus before the students board the bus.

         Buses are the safest means of transportation to and from school. By following guidelines from CDC and the Department of Health this will remain true.

    While students are on the bus:

    • Appropriate face coverings are required for both students and any staff member on the bus.
      • Proper face coverings encompass both the mouth and the nose.
    • Students will be instructed to keep their hands to themselves when boarding or unloading from the bus.
    • The windows on the bus will be kept one inch open and all roof vents will be fully open to allow plenty of air circulation in the bus.  
    • The high seat backs on the bus provide a physical barrier between students.

         At the end of each route, the driver will walk through the bus and pick up any loose materials the students may have left.   The driver will also wipe down all touch points on the bus using Surface Sanitizing wipes.

    Touch Surfaces Include but are not limited to:

    • Handrails
    • Dashboard
    • Safety devices

         In the event of a suspected exposure, Transportation will follow all guidelines from the CDC and Department of Health to properly disinfect the entire bus.  This includes:

    • The bus will be returned to the bus lot as soon as possible.
    • Open all windows and vents to the fullest extent on the bus.
    • Any lose articles will be removed from the bus.
    • All surfaces will be saturated with approved Disinfectant
    • The disinfectant will sit for five minutes.
    • The surfaces will be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
    • The bus will be removed from service until proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures are completed and the bus is clean.

         In conclusion, following normal preventative procedures and the directions provided by state and local authorities, Mukilteo School District Transportation will continue to provide the highest level of service possible.  We look forward to serving you and your family.