• Letters of Recommendation Information


    You might need a letter of recommendation for employment, college admissions, scholarship applications or military (Military Academy Appication).

    Carefully consider who you ask to write a recommendation letter for you.  You might choose a teacher that knows you well and can speak to your academic abilities.
    You may want to consider asking your a coach, employer, youth pastor, or club advisor to write you a recommendation.  It is best practice to ask your recommender at least two or three weeks before you actually need your letter.

    1. Consider filling out a Personal Data Form (PDF) to give to your recommender to give them more information about you.  Personal Data Form  Make copies of the PDF for each of your recommenders. Some students may also want to include their resume and/or portfolio to give to their recommender.

    2. Consider checking a box in your application that your recommendation is private--you won't be seeing the recommendation letter.  This gives your recommendation more clout.

    3. Be sure to thank your recommender for writing your letter of recommendation--a nice thank you card and/or small gift is a great way to show appreciation.


    Personal Data Form--Fill this out to give your letter recommender more information about you

    PDF link