• Create a Portfolio & Resume that Showcases Your Unique Qualities!

    Components of a good resume: 

    *Name and contact information, education, awards/achievements, professional experience, volunteer experience, skills/strengths, activities/extracurriculars, personal goals/objectives, languages, interests, and projects--You don’t need all these categories,      but pick ones that fit you.
    *Pick a resume style that reflects who you are--it’s an advertisement of you!
    *Typed and readable--make it concise, 1 page in length
    *Appearance--make it easy to read--Look at Templates:  HSBP, Google, Microsoft, etc.
    *Look at examples of Portfolios and Resumes.

    Your Portfolio includes the details of your resume as well as a self-reported transcript of your high school courses and grades.  
    Look at the examples of these Kamiak Graduate's portfolios and resumes for ideas:

    Michael Bervell
    Jessica Bae
    Alice Zhang Portfolio 
    Alice Zhang Resume

    Here are some Excellent Resume Resources to help you build an outstanding resume:

    The Perfect Resume Example (templates and examples)

    Here’s a great handout how to write a good resume for scholarship/admission applications: https://trio.oss.msu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Academic-Resume.pdf