Recovery Plan

  • As a result of the pandemic, school districts across the nation are looking at more comprehensive ways to ensure students are doing well academically and emotionally. Mukilteo School District is developing a recovery plan to help identify student learning gaps and the steps needed to help close those gaps. Similarly, the plan will include a diagnostic tool to gather students’ social emotional needs and strategies to provide needed support. The comprehensive plan has several opportunities for input from students, staff, families and community partners. The draft plan is available in pdf format below and in the body of the following webpages so that viewers can review the content using the Google Translate feature of the district website.

    Academic and Student Well-Being Plan - English (pdf)

    Academic and Student Well-Being Plan - Spanish (pdf)

    Feedback on the draft plan
    We gathered input through ThoughtExchange before presenting it to the school board. Those ThoughtExchange results are available in an online, interactive report.

    The plan and community feedback were shared with the school board during their regular board meeting on May 24. The board approved the plan, which is a fillable form which will be submitted to OSPI by June 1, 2021.

    Mission: The Mukilteo School District is committed to success for every student, accomplished through powerful teaching and learning, dedicated staff and community support.

    We believe: the district’s diversity is a quality to be valued, respected, and celebrated.

    District Goals 2019-22

    Goal 1: Student Achievement - Ensure equitable access and support for every student.  

    Goal 2: Learning Environment - Enhance the learning environment.  

    Goal 3: Parent and Community Partnerships - Engage in a shared commitment for student success. 

    Structure of Work:

    Deputy Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick is leading on behalf of Superintendent Alison Brynelson on managing team leads and the integration of the work. An overview of the work is available online