Recovery plan

  • Racial Equity Analysis 

    A key component of the district’s recovery plan is developing and reviewing it with equity in mind. For example, how might a certain strategy, assessment tool or other component affect people with different races, cultures, abilities, etc.? Every part of the plan has been reviewed using the Educational and Racial Equity Analysis Tool to help guide thinking and planning for the best possible outcome for all students, and especially those who may be underserved or farthest from racial justice.

    As part of its commitment to equity, Mukilteo School District developed the Educational and Racial Equity Tool and facilitator's guide last year based on a similar tool used by Puget Sound Educational Service District, Seattle Public Schools and Portland Public Schools. The tool was tested and refined by district Cabinet members and applied to determining the three-class block schedule for the 2020-21 school year. The tool was modified to use in developing the recovery plan. It is still evolving based on feedback and further experiences using the tool. 

    As part of the review before any full work starting, the following insights surfaced through the equity review. They will be incorporated into the work and included in this description of what we plan to accomplish in supports of students:

    • How can we ensure we are looking at student growth and progress regularly?
    • How can we continue our transparent communications and continue to gather ongoing feedback from students, the community and families?
    • How can we ensure we establish systems for feedback, continuous learning and immediate view of available and dynamic data?

    The district will use this tool to review the progress on a quarterly basis starting in October 2021. The tool will be revised after reflecting on the process to develop this recovery plan and used districtwide next year and beyond.