Recovery plan

  • Professional Learning  

    To understand the diagnostic tools and act on the results of academic and social emotional assessments, staff will need training. The district will identify and provide staff training on many topics in the coming years to support student learning recovery and provide social emotional instruction. 

    In the 2020-21 school year, Mukilteo School District focused its professional learning efforts on three areas: Social Emotional Learning, Equity and Instructional Technology. We worked to connect the topics so they were not offered in isolation. Over the course of the year, district teachers and leaders have been involved in several learning opportunities that have informed our work and our direction for the 2021-22 school year. As a result of the learning, instructional leadership drafted a list of professional learning activities planned for 2021-22 from each department. A team of additional district instructional leaders reviewed the list to determine areas of focus for the year based on prior knowledge of needs and through discussion for what is needed next year and beyond. These areas will be Social Emotional Learning, Equity and Universal Design for Learning. 

    The professional learning team will share the information compiled along with the areas of focus for additional input from other stakeholders including principals, teachers and the SEL and Mental Health Professional Learning subgroup. Once all input is gathered the information will be used to develop one comprehensive Professional Learning plan for the 2021-22 school year. This document will guide the adult learning in Mukilteo School District for the year. 

    The professional learning plan will include foundational blocks for all three areas and will provide avenues for integration of these areas over the course of the year. The professional learning plan for teachers and administrators will leverage and connect to the Teacher and Principal Evaluation and Growth Program (TPEP). The specific criteria to promote positive and inclusive school culture, use of multiple data to inform progress and growth, and partner with families and the school community align directly to our increased efforts to support all our learners. The plan and activities will be designed collaboratively and will combine key aspects of each area as much as possible.  

    We plan to

    • Share the list of possible activities with a larger group of stakeholders for input that include principals, certificated staff, classified staff, and teachers.
    • Design and communicate one staff training plan and comprehensive view for the district
    • Collaborate across work teams to prioritize professional learning needed to address students’ academic and social emotional learning needs
    • Determine foundational professional learning and choice pathways
    • Create framework to include synchronous, asynchronous, remote and in-person options
    • Develop and implement an evaluation system of professional learning that measures the impact on instructional practice, student achievement and well-being
    • Continue to research and expand professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of certificated and classified instructional staff