Recovery plan

  • Community Partnerships    

    Community partners are critical to supporting students and families and can often provide services and resources that are outside the school day or not available in the district. Community organizations often have relationships with families based on neighborhoods, cultural backgrounds, languages, spiritual beliefs, and needs. The district values partnerships with community organizations to better support families through a variety of services. 

    Leveraging community partnerships can be critical to developing new expanded learning opportunities as we create additional access to learning for students in summer offerings and after-hours programming, building on established collaborative efforts and nurturing new partnerships. Similarly, our partners can help our acceleration and recovery efforts, and potentially in support of student transitions from one year to the next.

    As noted in the Current State and Well-Being sections, there are several partnerships and efforts underway to increase our capacity to meet student needs, especially in support of well-being. As we grow and expand our capacity through partnerships, we will seek to strengthen our relationships with diverse communities and organizations to amplify community voice and increase impact. Below are examples of current and future partnerships:

    • Strengthen existing partnerships with YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and Sno-Isle Libraries
    • Renew collaboration with higher education partners in developing shared programs for high school students
    • Engage with faith-based organizations to work with families
    • Partner with Washington Alliance for Better Schools to engage teachers, grow student and family awareness of after school STEM Academies and to develop a Natural Leaders program (grassroots family engagement and leadership development)
    • Conduct outreach to local businesses for internships and mentoring programs
    • Collaborate with higher education to offer courses and increase access to learning for families in their home language and on a schedule that fits their needs
    • Serve on the Diversifying Pathways to Teaching and Healthcare Professions Collaborative represented by higher education, K-12, and graduate students to focus on diversifying the teaching and healthcare workforce
    • Partner with Washington Family Engagement and Connect Casino Road to offer a research-based Parent Leadership Training Institute
    • Partner with University of Washington Bothell to provide academic support for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students
    • Partner with local tribes to create learning opportunities to introduce indigenous history, traditional cultural values, and spiritual beliefs