Recovery plan

  • Next Steps and Conclusion     

    Mukilteo School District is taking this plan for recovery seriously and using the opportunity to propel the district into new ways of thinking and acting to better support students, families and staff. This is the initial plan, and we know it will evolve over time as we engage further on key decisions for tools and methods. It will also benefit from more input from students, families, staff, community leaders and partners. Labor organizations, administrators and school teams will also be crucial to ongoing planning and implementation. 

    Once the plan is approved by the school board and submitted to OSPI on June 1, 2021, the most immediate step is to begin rolling this plan out to staff. The efforts and training mentioned in the plan will inform professional learning for staff in August 2021. Staff will prepare to begin implementing initial strategies in their classrooms and schools. As a district, we will track learning and growth using current and new data. We plan to reflect on the progress using the Harvard problem solving approach, which is similar to the plan, do, study, act model of synthesizing progress and adjustments needed. The Educational and Racial Equity Analysis Tool will also be reviewed and updated as needed to use throughout the planning and implementation process. 

    The first major progress report will be published in November 2021 and submitted to OSPI for review. This plan will also align and, in some cases, directly inform the district’s developing strategic plan. We hope the alignment and frequent review and adjustment efforts will provide clear and consistent goals and strategies to strengthen the district’s success in supporting student learning and well-being.