Recovery plan

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    Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mukilteo School District’s recovery plan. The state requires a checklist of our plans to assess students’ academic and well-being needs and begin to address them this coming school year. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) included an in-depth guide to help school districts develop their plans. Our district is taking the opportunity to deeply engage in the planning process and use the data and feedback we gather to move our district forward to better serve our students, staff and families. While there will be several immediate steps, much of the work and progress reporting will take years. That makes our planning and process extremely important. The following pages give an overview of the plan and will continue to evolve over the next year or two. 

    This plan represents a lot of research, input and thinking from staff, students, families and community members. We want to thank the district leadership staff for their contributions throughout the year and for wrestling with big changes and decisions even during a pandemic. We also want to thank the many staff, students, families and community partners who took time to share their thoughts, questions and experiences throughout this process to help us improve and respond to changing needs in our community.

    With gratitude, 

    Dr. Alison Brynelson, Superintendent

    Heather Tow-Yick, Deputy Superintendent