Mukilteo Virtual Academy

  • Welcome to Mukilteo Virtual Academy for high school students! Beginning fall of 2021, students in grades 9-12 have the option of selecting Mukilteo Virtual Academy. 

    In early July, we shared the initial plans for the Mukilteo Virtual Academy for high school students and more schedule specifics were included in a message to high school families on July 23.

    Mukilteo Virtual Academy is now full and closed to new registrants. If you have questions, please contact the Virtual Academy staff, located on the ACES High School campus:

    Liz Reynolds, Administrative Assistant, 425-366-3910

    Alysia Pavilonis, Assistant Principal, 425-366-3921

    What will the Mukilteo Virtual Academy Schedule look like?

    The program will differ from what many students experienced during the 2020–21 school year. This model, established by OSPI, requires synchronous learning to be no less than 70 percent of the class period. Students will attend their virtual classes during regularly scheduled class time (see next section) and most of that class will be face-to-face (virtually) with their teacher and classmates. No more than 30 percent will be asynchronous, or independent work. 

    The class schedule will be what is called a 3+3 model: Students will take three classes per day (85 minutes each) and six classes per semester. This allows students to focus on fewer subjects per day and take those courses over the course of the school year for 1.0 credit. The Virtual Academy will also offer semester-long classes for 0.5 credit.

    The school hours will be similar to a traditional school day, but the schedule will allow some flexibility. High school students who enroll in the Virtual Academy will be able, where possible, to take an additional in-person elective class at their home school outside of their virtual class schedule. Students may also participate in after school activities and athletics at their home school.

    Is the Virtual Academy right for my child? 

    Students who are most successful in a virtual learning environment exhibit the following skills and abilities. Students do not need to meet all the outlined skills and abilities listed below to enroll in the Virtual Academy. However, consistent attendance is required per state guidance: 

    • Willingness to actively engage in class with teacher and classmates
    • Willingness to take on challenges and work through difficult problems
    • Ability to work independently
    • Ability to collaborate on a team
    • Demonstrates responsibility for completing assigned work in a timely manner
    • Demonstrates consistent attendance 
    • Demonstrated success in the virtual learning environment during the 2020-21 school year
    • Self-manages time, needs, learning, and communication
    • Self-advocates when clarity or support is needed

    Enrollment in Mukilteo Virtual Academy will model, reinforce, and refine each of these skills and abilities! We are excited that you want to be part of this learning model to support your growth as a student and career and college readiness.  

    What if I find I want to return to in-person instruction?  Do I lose my place at my home school?

    Mukilteo Virtual Academy is a choice school. For staffing and funding purposes, enrolling in the Virtual Academy is a year-long commitment. A student does not lose their place at their home school if they choose to return after the academic year ends.