Panorama survey questions for elementary students

  • Your Class
    Please tell us about how you feel about your current class. 

    1. How sure are you that you can complete all the work that is assigned in your class?

    2. When complicated ideas are discussed in class, how sure are you that you can understand them?

    3. How sure are you that you can learn all the topics taught in your class? 

    4. How sure are you that you can do the hardest work that is assigned in your class? 

    5. How sure are you that you will remember what you learned in your current class, next year? 

    Your Behavior
    Please answer the following questions about how you respond to different situations. During the past 30 days… 

    6. How often were you polite to adults? 

    7. How carefully did you listen to other people’s points of view? 

    8. How often did you come to class prepared? 

    9. How much did you care about other people’s feelings? 

    10. How often did you follow directions in class? 

    11. How well did you get along with students who are different from you? 

    12. How often did you get your work done right away, instead of waiting until the last minute? 

    13. How often did you pay attention and ignore distractions? 

    14. How clearly were you able to describe your feelings? 

    15. When you were working independently, how often did you stay focused? 

    16. When others disagreed with you, how respectful were you of their views? 

    17. How often did you remain calm, even when someone was bothering you or saying bad things? 

    18. To what extent were you able to stand up for yourself without putting others down?

    19. How often did you allow others to speak without interrupting them? 

    20. To what extent were you able to disagree with others without starting an argument? 

    21. How often were you polite to other students? 

    22. How often did you compliment others’ accomplishments? 

    23. How often did you keep your temper under control? 

    Feelings in General
    In this section, we are hoping to learn how you experience different emotions that may occur in your life (whether inside or outside of school). 

    24. How often are you able to pull yourself out of a bad mood? 

    25. When everybody around you gets angry, how relaxed can you stay? 

    26. How often are you able to control your emotions when you need to? 

    27. Once you get upset, how often can you get yourself to relax? 

    28. When things go wrong for you, how calm are you able to stay? 

    Feelings About Being at School
    In this section, we would like to understand how you feel about your school. 

    29. How often are people disrespectful to others at your school?

    30. How well do people at your school understand you as a person? 

    31. How often do students get into physical fights at your school? 

    32. How much support do the adults at your school give you? 

    33. How likely is it that someone from your school will bully you online? 

    34. How much respect do students at your school show you? 

    35. How often do you worry about violence at your school? 

    36. Overall, how much do you feel like you belong at your school? 

    37. If a student is bullied in school, how difficult is it for him/her to get help from an adult?