School security


    A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a commissioned police officer who has been assigned to a school. We are grateful to all three of the law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction within our school district area because all three have assigned an SRO to Mukilteo schools. The City of Mukilteo Police Department has assigned a police officer to Kamiak High School, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a deputy sheriff to Mariner High School, and the City of Everett Police Department has assigned a police officer to Explorer Middle School.

    In the case of the police officer from Mukilteo and the deputy sheriff, the officer is assigned full-time to the school during each of the 180 school days during the year. The school district pays that person’s salary for those 180 days, which ends up being 75 percent of that person’s total annual salary. In the case of the police officer from Everett, that person is assigned to the school at no cost to the school district. 

    In all three cases, the SRO not only is at their assigned school each school day, but also provides assistance to other schools that are nearby. And, yes. All three SROs carry the firearm that has been assigned to them by their police agency.



    For purposes of promoting and maintaining a safe environment, protection of district property, and deterrence and prevention of criminal activity and conduct violations, the Mukilteo School District utilizes more than 500 video cameras on its school grounds and additional cameras in district-provided school buses. Students, parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors may be videotaped while on school grounds or in district-provided school buses. Further information on the use of video cameras can be found in Board Policy 9321.