• To participate in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, students read books then take and pass AR quizzes. For the upcoming school year (2022-2023), AR points will only count starting from the first day of school. Please wait to take AR quizzes for all books read over the summer, since those points will no longer be counted. Please stay tuned for updates to the AR reading contest as well as whether or not quizzes will be accessible from home.

    The quizzes are accessible through the Student Site by clicking on AR & Star Icons or clicking on Clever then Renaissance. Be sure to log in in order to take quizzes. If you would like to look up quizzes, you can do so on the AR Book Finder.

    These are the points required for the Accelerated Reader and Outstanding Reader achievements for the 2022-2023 school year:


    Accelerated Reader Achievement

    Outstanding Reader Achievement


    25 points

    50 points

    First Grade

    50 points

    100 points

    Second Grade

    65 points

    125 points

    Third Grade

    80 points

    175 points

    Fourth Grade

    100 points

    200 points

    Fifth Grade

    125 points

    250 points