Library Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many books can my child check out?

    Grades K-2: 1 book

    Grades 3-5: 2 books

    If your child has an overdue or lost book, they will receive a notice and will not be able to check out more books from the library until the overdue/lost book is returned, replaced, or paid for.

    When are books due?

    Library books are due one week after checkout. Each classroom has a library return bin. Remind your child to return books on the morning of their library visit. Books can also be returned during open library times (with a library pass). If a student needs more time to finish a book, they can renew it, but they MUST bring the book to the library to get it renewed.

    What happens if my child loses a library book?

    Everyone makes mistakes at times. If your child has lost a book, it’s important that they let library staff know so we can order a replacement. In order to checkout a book, your child will need to clear their library account by either paying the book replacement fee or providing the library with a replacement copy.

    When can my child visit the library?

    All students have a 25-45 minute library visit with their class each week.

    The library is also open before school (8:30-9:00am) for book return and checkout. The library schedule has some openings during the day for quick book checkouts. Students will need their teacher's permission to visit outside of their regularly scheduled library time.

Last Modified on March 3, 2023